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Hanabi Sora
14 January 2008 @ 08:44 am

move on knb?


yan ang tanung niya sa aken tuwing tatanungin ko SIYA ng "tau nb?"


i need to move on. kaso hindi pa ako handang patawarin YUN. ._.

ikaw.oo IKAW, galit parin ako sa iyo.

dapat ko na kalimutan ang nakaraan for pete's sake, may mahal na akong iba, bakit ganito parin ako? Sana makapag-move on na ako, ang tagal ko ng miserable. Nakilala ko na ang isang taong hinahanap ko, and certainly BETTER than my past.


sana maka-move on na ako.



i love him but why won't my past leave me?


Xx em.

Hanabi Sora
15 November 2007 @ 06:03 am

[x] You have sung on karaoke
[x] You have bought clothes from ukay-ukay [ukayera XD]
[x] You have eaten pancit
[x] You have danced a traditional Pinoy dance in front of people
[x] You have been to a free concert
[ ] You have never worn contact lenses
[x] You can speak Tagalog fluently
[x] You have bought AutoloadMax/E-Load
[x] You like to eat Sky Flakes
[x] You have put oil in your hair
[x] You have washed your/other people's clothes in a palanggana.
[x] You know the pinoy ako dance steps
[x] You have been to Divisoria
[x] You have been to Quiapo
[x] You have been to Baclaran
[x] You have ridden on a public Jeepney
[x] You have been to mass at Baclaran Church
[x] You have drank taho
[x] You have eaten halo-halo
[x] You have hung-out outside a sari-sari store and enjoyed it
[x] You have Jay-Walked
[x] You have eaten dirty ice cream
[x] You have eaten lechon
[x] You love watching Pinoy Novelas [si marimar ay kikilalanin na bilang si bella :P]
[x] You have almost been attacked by a
[x] You went to the province by bus [sakit sa likod]
[x] You have slept on a banig
[x] You have faked your age
[x] You have swam in a public pool
[x] You have peed in a pool [guilty]
[x] You have been to a PARLOR and got something done
[ ] You have been obsessed with a pure pinoy actor/actress
[x] You have been to a public basketball game
[x] You have eaten ISAW
[x] You have/had bulate stomach when u were young
[ ] You own a Magic Sing. i wish i have magic sing
[x] You have played Patintero
[x] You have played sipa
[ ] You have bought a dog/cat from the divisoria
[x] You have played Bingo . im the blackout queen lol
[x] You have been to Pasay [moa trips, dates etc]
[x] You have taken a road trip by car
[x] You have thought of using someone
for their money
[ ] You have used someone for their
[x] You have owned/own a black and
white phone before
[x] You have slept at around 5am or so
[ ] You have gone a week without
[ ] You have gotten drunk
[x] You respect your elders
[x] You like to gimmick

TOTAL:  43
Now add the numbers up and multiply
by 2. Then title your post as

Im __% Filipino

got this from ate gerlie btw.

Hanabi Sora
28 October 2007 @ 02:24 am
I found these interesting icons and I just thought It would be fun sharing these to you guys (:


And I'm still wondering where the other "secrets" are...

xoxoxox emily.searching xoxoxox


Hanabi Sora
27 October 2007 @ 08:15 am
.::Cold was my soul.Untold was the pain::.

so far, life's been good to me. I guess.

Just got my schedule last Wednesday. I'm FV0713 again. I'm supposed to be FV0712, well apparently our papers are sitting in the file cabinet. Demmit, our c.o.r.'s got processed late. That's why we have to bear with the remaning available slots. >_>

It wasn't such a bad thing though, I'm blockmates with Pweenx, m.o.n.g, JM, Dudung and other people from our section last sem. (:

Anyway, the only thing that sucks in our schedule is, Our rest days are only during Wednesdays & Sundays O_O; wtf, I guess I just have to adjust with that kind of sched. boo! >_<


Just had a digi-nail art!
Thanks to m.o.n.g. happy.gif


I've decided. I'm gonna cosplay Sunako Nakahara of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. The anime is good. But the manga is way funnier XD

I love Sunako. <3


Lonely Halloween.

I'm gonna spend my halloween ALONE again. ~_~;
I guess that will be the scenario for the rest of my halloweens.
I just wish I could throw a Halloween party, with costumes and all.
But nooooo, I don't have the money for it >_<

oh well, one day I WILL.
I'll just kill my time watching halloween specials on tv.


One thing that changed this sembreak.

My room gets cleaner and cleaner everyday. LOL


I miss school TT_TT

xoxo. emily.fulfilled .xoxo

Hanabi Sora
23 October 2007 @ 10:43 am
.::What made me LOL::.

user posted image

lewl.ang kulit naman.


nothing much happened today
I just finished watching
Goth Lyfe in youtube
very funny series about goths, emos and such.

i have to go to school tomorrow so I could get my sched. Hope I get into a nice section (:

note to self: wake up early. >_<;


xoxoxo emily.ish.created xoxoxo